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kids and fibers

helping them get their daily needs

Most kids don’t get enough fiber in their daily diet. ,leading to a host of digestive problems.
So one of the best ways to promote his digestive health is to feed him plenty of fiber. Instead of forcing him to eat a big bowl of bran flakes, try these tips
1-Homemade Trail Mix:
Help kids make their own trail mix by putting out bowls of dried fruit, nuts, or seeds along with a higher-fiber cereal, and mixing them up into to-go containers or plastic bags.
2-Fruits and Veggies:
Try making them fun by spearing fruit and veggie slices onto a kebab, or making a face with sliced-up fruits and veggies, or even a smoothie. .
Remember not to give carrots to children younger than 3 or raisins to kids younger than 4 as they can be a choking hazard.
3-Creamy Dips:
For more adventurous, they can dip them in something first -- labneh and thym, hommos,…or even light cocktail sauce.
4-Mixed-Up Cereals:
Try mixing up a couple of high-fiber cereals with a small amount of one of the less good-for-you options that your child may be drawn to in the supermarket.
Look for a high-fiber cereal that has 3 to 5 grams of fiber per serving, and then let them mix it up with just a little bit of one of the junkier ones.”
5-Sandwich in Some Fiber:
Just as with cereal, the whole-grain breads or wraps you’re using for your kids’ sandwiches should have at least three grams of fiber per serving.
6-Add Color With Berries:
In addition to being colorful and sweet, berries with seeds are very high in fiber, and kids usually love them.
Perhaps the highest-fiber berry is the little raspberry. They can be expensive, but it doesn’t take much to feed up the fiber. “Just a quarter cup has about the same amount of fiber as almost an entire apple.
7-Grab Some Granola:
The granola bar corner at your supermarket is probably packed with high-fiber bars. They’re easy to pack and often appealing to kids.
8-Pop Some Popcorn:
What kid doesn’t like popcorn? It’s rich in fiber, and as long as you avoid the heavily salted and buttered varieties, it’s pretty healthy in general as well.